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More than 10 years of experience as a mentor and a digital business with 8 figures in revenue only with online mentoring.

$ 10.000 upfront

*Check installment options.

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Anyone who will benefit from the program will:

The Vida de Mentor Program is not for those who:

If you are approved to participate in the Vida de Mentor Program, you will receive:

Meeting 01: Creation

If you don’t have a mentorship yet, you’ll leave the first meeting with your mentorship designed and ready to offer to the world.

And if you already have mentorship groups, it’s a good time for you to critically review your business for improvements.

Meeting 02: Sales

There’s no use creating a mentorship if you don’t know how to sell it, right? The second meeting will focus on sales.

This meeting is very important because mentorship groups have a high ticket price.

Meeting 03: Delivery

The goal of this meeting is to help you understand the possible types of delivery and identify the one that makes the most sense for you.

In addition to being light and fulfilling for you as a professional, delivery needs to generate transformation and be efficient for your client.

Meeting 04: Scaling

Meeting 4 is optional. It is intended for mentors who want to have mentorship groups with more than 100 mentees.

Here, it will be necessary to talk about team creation and tools.

If you don’t want to have more than 100 mentees, then you don’t need to attend this meeting.

Meeting 05: Extra Module

This space is dedicated to interesting topics and extra content to help you even more on this journey.

Here, you can also bring any doubts from any stage of the process, with no problem at all.

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Common questions

The schedule of classes will be sent as soon as the purchase is confirmed.

Yes, all meetings will be recorded, but we recommend that you watch live to take full advantage of direct contact with Victor Damásio.

Yes, even if you don’t have an audience, it’s possible to sell mentoring groups.
During the program, you will learn how to identify people interested in the knowledge you have to share.

If you already have your mentorship program, you can gain valuable insights and significantly increase your earnings with just them.

That’s not all! By observing how Victor Damásio conducts and delivers his mentorship groups, you can glean priceless tips.

You will learn to conduct this process in a light, enjoyable, and profitable way. This will be reflected in the results of your students and the testimonials they send you afterward.

We have no intention of removing access after a specific period of time.

In case this ever happens, you will be notified in advance.

No, the application does not guarantee your approval in the Program.

Each application is carefully reviewed and only those who can really take advantage of this opportunity to create, sell, deliver, and scale mentoring groups are selected.

As soon as you have a response, the VD Team will contact you to validate your approval.

Who is Victor Damásio?

Victor Damásio is one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing in Brazil, having been listed by the English newspaper Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas.

Mentor of mentors, he has been leading and mentoring groups of digital entrepreneurs for years.

Passionate about Digital Marketing, he consistently helps his clients reach and surpass the 7-figure annual revenue mark.

He has created programs such as Vida de Mentor to help more and more entrepreneurs design their lives on their own terms and achieve the three freedoms: financial, geographical, and time.

He is known for helping even those with a lot of audience and experience in online businesses to become even better and bigger in their niches.

Do you have any questions left?

The VD Team is ready to answer all your questions, just send a message.

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